We making the auto service industry accessible to all

About us

Car Care Click was founded with the goal to make car repair and maintenance reliable, affordable, convenient, straightforward and honest. We started Car Care Click because we believed that the auto repair industry could be improved.

Adding convenience to life

Days are too short to spend them at a repair shops. Many of us have had experiences where a car is parked in a “queue” at the workshop and work has not started even after 5 days. Most of us have also had an experience taking in a car for one service which was suppose to cost R 2000 and ended up being told that things that never bothered you are broken.

We at Car Care Click say enough is enough. Our service promise is that your car will be fixed right the first time. All costs are transparent and you only pay for what you requested unless our master mechanics picks up something that you needs attention. So book our master mobile mechanics today for a hassle free service or repair of your car.

The founders have been using mobile mechanics for a while and found it very convenient, affordable and transparent. Today we bring you Car Care Click so that you too can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to your car.

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